Tamara L. McMillian | Award Winning Lecturer - McMillan Empowerment Enterprise

If you're looking for an incredibly grounded and awesome listener, you want to connect with Najja. His people skills are beyond keen and the knowledge he  owns surrounding the Creative Problem Solving process and Cognitive Rational Semantics are nothing short of brilliant!

The resilience tools he employs allows his clients...young and old the freedom to explore a deeper meaning of life. The work done at Phoenix Innovation Group is essential and accessible.

Allison Trusso-Lahey | Owner sereniTEA Buffalo

This semester my business was fortunate to have been chosen to participate in the  "Designing and Delivering Studies Department at SUNY Buffalo State. The service i received from the students was beyond my expectations and undoubtedly an invaluable resource to the local small business community.

The students who participated as creative consultants for sereniTEA were Katrina Loera and Najja Bouldin. Their hard work and enthusiasm in helping me through the creative problem solving process, as well as helping me to create and innovative path forward for the business overall was evident in their efforts on the project. The positive energy of these students has inspired me to market my business in more thoughtful and creative ways. They demonstrated professionalism during all contact and meetings, and i was proud to have these individuals represent the business.

As as small start-up business, the services provided to me were not something i could have otherwise pursued. I cannot thank Karina and Naj enough for their help. I extend much gratitude as well to their participating classmates and Dr Firestien for offering  such an opportunity.

Beth Slazak | Manager Of Operations - The Creative Problem Solving Institute

I have had the great pleasure to manage Najja Bouldin this summer. He is an energetic and enthusiastic man who has a fantastic desire to help others succeed. Najja has an insatiable imagination and will work tirelessly to bring his and other;s ideas to fruition.

Working with Najja is moving. He inspires and builds up his coworkers, into a whole froup that is much better than the sum of their individual parts. His energy is contagious, and you will soon find yourself cheerfully enmeshed into whatever needs to be done.

His position required long hours and a positive demeanor in the face of many potential crises. Najja was dedicated and enthusiastic throughout to the time we worked together. He came highly recommended from a number of professionals in the creativity field, and he lived up to their opinions.

He brings a joy to situations that others might view as intimidating or overwhelming. His is an attitude of triumph - over any adversity, and a calming presence. Working with  him made challenges easier, and i would highly recommend him for any situation that requires critical thinking, problem solving and passion.

 Kevin S. | Former Client

This process has been amazing! The progress I’ve made since the start of this journey is extremely eye opening. I want to thank Najja for opening my mind up to a new way of thinking and also solidifying the creative process for me. (...)  

All the sessions with Naj diving deeper into the process of creativity was life changing. Learning new tools to use to attain my goals and break down every little detail how to get there has been a huge help. After this I feel like nothing is unexpected anymore, everything that happens is supposed to. That’s the other thing this process has taught me, the appreciation for everything in life and just the overall of it. Just switching my thought process on that alone has made a tremendous difference in the way I create now. I know everything is deserved/earned now. I think the sessions we had before I left for LA is what made that trip what it was for me. I went out there with supreme confidence in myself as a creative! It showed in my work while I was there. I always looked at LA as the mecca, and to be able to go out there and create and meet other creatives and have them accept me and appreciate my work was the most amazing feeling! It left no doubt in my mind that it’s where I belong. I learned operating in the fear areas is where the magic happens. When it’s scary to keep pushing forward, that’s what separates you.

I can’t thank Naj enough for everything he’s done! Nobody has ever given me the confidence he has and I don’t know where I would be right now without it. I fully believe in my abilities now and also am extremely excited knowing that there is so much more to come. I feel reborn. After all of this I can honestly and genuinely declare my creative genius, and I have Naj to thank for bringing it out of me like nobody has. These last couple months have been the best of my life and im incredibly thankful for everything leading up to me writing this and everything to come after it!

Jinene T. | Graphic Designer

 Through my creative process with Phoenix Innovation Group, I often said to my performance coach Najja Bouldin, “You are the light that disrupts my darkness.” You see, my darkness is a comfortable place for me, nothing grows here but festering misery, reflections of my past, distant hopes and dreams for the future, doubt, and uncertainty. Najja has proven himself time and time again to be a beacon of light that disrupts, challenges, stretches, and pulls on me to be “deliberate in my creativity,” to “stop standing in my own way,” to “embrace my light,” and to “believe in my gifts” and begin capitalizing on my talent. Najja also showed me the road less traveled on my journey to greatness. It’s either I wanted to be basic or live abundantly. I chose abundance and great success.

( ... )

As it pertains to be deliberate in my creativity I have learned about polarity thinking. I used to think everything was so black and white but in actually there are a lot of gray spaces if you choose to see in that particular light. For me I used to think I had to master one software to pump out my content and products but after my creative process I am mastering not one or two but however many I choose and seeing which software works best for me so I can pump out designs in a more artistic and creative way and most importantly know when to switch gears. Learning to defer judgment! It’s very easy to doubt yourself, it’s very easy to allow your ego to consume you and talk yourself out of everything you are entitled to and deserving of. I have learned how to vanquish my ego!!! By using the model of intelligent self-interest! It’s that “YES, I can do that!” mentality, it’s the confidence you translate... even if you don’t know how to do something you don’t automatically defer judgment yet will to master it. For me it was changing my mindset to not think “this or that” but like a kid in a candy store, it’s now “this and that and little more of that.” Willing to prosper instead of being complacent in doubt. Ask me who I am. I dare you! I am a graphic designer! I am a Creative! I am a Phoenix! I am reborn, rebuilt/restored, relentless and resilient. I am filled yet never content! I am bent but NEVER broken. I am Avrian: meaning Warrior. I am EXACTLY where I need to be... the universe provides for me. All things are relevant!


 Bangali D. | CEO Vision Over Money

You gave me the opportunity to be myself and in that moment I needed that so much because I was in a place where I didn’t understand why I was in Graduate School; I didn’t quite understand the reasoning behind all that was happening in my life during that time period, but after each session I finally understand the meaning of credentials. There were days I wanted to quit and I believe that was week 4 because in my head I was thinking why the  am I here? Why is this man investing in me?(...)

I’d like to say thank you for treating me like family, it has brought to a place in my life where I can finally trust myself. When you put your trust in others you have finally given the opportunity to trust yourself. Like Meek said “I feel like the man and I got the plan,” and that line from Blue Notes just fuels me because I know I am going to make it. I’m not trying to hear you tell me you already made it because I don’t see the mansion yet, or the abundant life. All I can do now is speak it into existence and stand still to let the garden around me flourish. A kid like me is ambitious and I told myself that at ag 17 I will become a household name and everyday I am working towards that and that starts from being true to self. The sessions were extremely hard because I had to actually put in the work to get the right results. It broke me down mentally but to rebuild a better version of me. Every week was full of pain, and full growth but this all because of you Najja and for that I can safely say that the Fakoli clan accepts you. Thank you for being you and being the truth. NEVER CHANGE!

Xiao Chen | Educator

Najja Bouldin plays different important roles in my professional and personal life. He is my mentor, my colleague, and my family. 
Mr. Bouldin has such a strong willing to grow as an individual and also a leader of his community. His own story is very inspiring. I still remember my first time reading his story, because that’s so different with my experience. He grew up from east side of Buffalo where is called “hood”. I want to say that all the struggle he had makes him to be the person I met, who is strong, resilient and inspiring. I believe this is the reason that he always has the positive perspective and willing to help others. He always gives others energy to fight with the struggle and limitation. He is the person who push people beyond what’s expected of themselves. 

Mr. Bouldin is a natural facilitator and speaker. He believes the power of creative problem solving process, and uses it to help people find solutions for their issues. During the workshops we delivered together, his is patient for all the logistics work, passionate of facilitation and generous for communication. All the client came back to us with impressive feedback. Besides facilitations, he dedicates himself to deliver speeches to inspire and encourage young people to strive for a better life. It’s quite impressive of the definition he gave to creativity. He says “imagination breeds creativity; creativity provides options; option gives freedom.” I am sure he, with his authentic story, will be the role model for young generation, which will be the indicator light of their navigation. His work is priceless for our world.

Najja is also my family. He is always there to support, help and encourage me. I couldn’t go this far of my own success without his inspiration. I am grateful to have him in my life. 

Invest in Najja if you want to reach beyond what is expected of you.

In life we all get stuck, or worst-fail! However, stagnation and failure are critical components of the secret blueprint to success.
— Najja A. Bouldin