In life we all get stuck, or worst-fail! However, stagnation and failure are critical components of the secret blueprint to success.  The two forces us to elevate our thinking, shatter existing paradigms and ascend to new levels of cognition.  Now, there are key tools, and/or skills, that are critical in achieving lasting transformation, to say it better, self-sustaining evolution.

At Phoenix Innovation Group, we assist individuals and organizations in unlocking their imagination, enhancing creativity, strengthening overall resilience, and igniting fiery grit fit for achieving those “BHAG”  goals.  Life skills like these might seem impossible to build, and we’re here to tell you that they are not.  With the right tools and PIG’s experienced facilitation process, our constituents’ build integral skills that emblaze Phoenixes in the face of struggle, failure, even trauma. At Phoenix Innovation Group, we help participants realize their full potential as leaders.



Phoenix Innovation Group specializes in:

  • performance coaching

  • speaking

  • consulting

  • facilitating and creativity and resilience

PIG’s coaching is designed to provide participants with a proven set of principles and tools for enhanced creative problem solving and leadership skills that will be immediately applicable back at home and in the workplace.  Here at PIG, our work builds on seminal research and practice in creativity, creative problem solving, change leadership, psychology and other social sciences. PIG’s processes will only work if the consumer has ownership over goals, wishes, and challenges. The initial objectives for a coaching engagement are based on goals that are established in the first few coaching sessions. 


In partnership with their coach, coachees utilize the Quad-Core Processing technique.  This unique approach allows for the achievement of breakthrough goals in life and career while developing new leadership skills, and establishing critical life hacks for situational roadblocks, failure, and paradigm shifting.


Najja A. Bouldin, MS, CPSC, CC, CLC

Performance Coach and Founding Consultant, Quad-Core Processing Development


Najja is the founding consultant at Phoenix Innovation Group, LLC, Buffalo, New York, where he serves consumers with awe-inspiring motivational speaking, life-changing performance coaching, as well as teaching and training creative leadership and the Creative Problem Solving process.  Naj is said to have those affection skills you just can’t teach.  He’s earned a prestigious apprenticeship with the all-star faculty as well as recipient of the Sidney Parnes and Ruth B. Noller Creative Achievement Award with the International Center for Studies in Creativity at SUNY Buffalo State. He designs and delivers workshops and speeches in resilience, creativity and innovation for public and private sectors, at retreats, universities, international organizations, community-based agencies, schools, and churches.

As a consultant, Naj provides workshops, presentations, speaking and training events for such organizations as the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus, University at Buffalo Law School, UB Educational Opportunity Program, North Pennsylvania Episcopalian Diocese, SUNY Buffalo State Equity & Campus Diversity, and International Pathways Program.  Other clients have included Aloma Johnson Charter School, Positive Ladies United Striving for Excellence, Urban Equity Management Group, SereniTea and numerous other service-industry, government and business clients across North America.

Najja has maintained a stellar collegiate career.  In 2011, he graduated from SUNY at Buffalo with a B.A., in Psychology.  While at UB, he was awarded honors and cords from the International Society for Leadership and Success, as well as a Dean’s List status.  Najja also holds an A.A.S., in Social Science from Erie Community College.  Where he earned membership in Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society, Chi Epsilon Alpha National Honor Society, Honors Concentration Fellowship and the Dean’s List.

Naj’s background is diverse.  He volunteers his time with service and mentorship to college students, Upward Bound, University College Program, and Buffalo Public Schools, to name a few.  He has been an Airman in the United States Air Force where he served in Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom, and has been awarded several medals and coins.  In his spare time, Najja likes world travel, journal writing, exercising, reading and cooking.  His travels have taken him to Hawaii, Nassau, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Toronto and various cities across the United States.

Najja hails from the lower East Side of Buffalo, New York.  His greatest passion and inspiration for integrity, service and enterprising excellence is being a father to his marvelous son, Najja Akeem.

Through my creative process with Phoenix Innovation Group, I often said to my performance coach Najja Bouldin, You are the light that disrupts my darkness.
— jinene t.