Make Your People Look Good!

              As a freelance consultant, I’m often hired (word-of-mouth) by social capital (those that know how good I am at my craft).  Now, I consider these folks my people because we’ve established some incredible relationships over projects and facilitations we’ve worked on together (relationship capital).  Here’s the caveat, I show up exercising my core values: integrity first, service before self, and creative excellence in all that I do.  I am aware of who I am, and what I want.  Not to mention, I come up out of the lower East side of Buffalo.  It’s hard to find anything that grows there other than a weed.  I am that weed!  I’m resilient, persistent, creative, and committed to growing and learning.  I hail from a culture of trauma, struggle and resilience.  

As a professional, I sincerely want to help elevate and free minds.  I say all of this to highlight all the beautiful people involved in my many walks of life that have inspired me and/or supported me in being great.  I live an amazingly abundant life, and part of this is because I make my people look good.  Anyone that knows me or that has ties with me knows that there’s no expiration date to our connection.  At times my people have found themselves warring on the battlefield of life, it comforts them to know that I’m there entrenched fighting alongside them.  This is a metaphor for whatever life has thrown at them.  And because of this, we (colleagues, coaches, friends, loved ones, and family alike) create greater connections.  For instance, the other day my homie hired me to co-facilitate her gig.  This is huge because when I say she’s dope at her craft, it’s a gross understatement.  To be working with her is an honor and privilege.  To be working with her, doing what I love, and then getting paid for it–is a dream come true.  Did she have to hire me?  Absolutely not!  Since she did, I’m gonna make her brand proud, I’m gonna satisfy her constituents, and keep my associate happy with my performance.  What I will not do is back-channel with her clientele, work to outdo her at her show, or make he second guess her efforts.  NO!  My rules for engagement are simple: we ride together, we die together.  We came out of an almost five hour facilitation with well over 200 professionals–like rockstars!  Walking throughout the campus the constituents that hired her had mentioned to her, “I feel like I’m walking with celebrities.”  She felt this way because everyone wanted to stop and thank us for coming.  Telling us that we changed their lives for the better.  Most importantly, we immediately established lasting impressions/rapports by learning the names of some of the professionals attending our sessions–and remembering them.  Although this is my homegirl, how good do you think she felt knowing that I made her look good!  As her Dignitary (as I like to call myself and those who make their people look good), making her look good is part of my objective as her hire.  Don’t take these small feats for granted.  Also, be humbled by them.  We should be working to elevate constantly and consistently.  Making people connected to you look good is a huge component of personal success.  

Please leave comments, thoughts, and suggestions.  As I learn as much from you as you do from me.


najja bouldin